Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Metal Beds Keep You Cool

The unseasonally warm spring weather has demonstrated one of the key advantages of metal beds. Over the weekend temperatures reached 21 degrees in some parts of the UK. This reminded people of the fact that it was time to swap the winter quilt for the summer one.

There is nothing worse than being to hot in bed. As we progress through the spring temperatures will rise further. Making sleep uncomfortable. When night time temperatures rise towards 20 degrees you can see the benefit of a metal bed. Particularly if you, like me, utilise a memory foam mattress. Metal beds tend to have better ventilation than leather beds or standard divans. The ventilation will help to keep you cool.


  1. Totally agree with that, metal beds surely keep you cool in summer season, it is very annoying if you bed gets hot in such weather conditions, you won't be able to sleep properly because of this issue.

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