4ft Double Beds

Serene Lyon 4ft Metal Double Bed
Serene Lyon 4ft Metal Double Bed
Whilst metal beds come in a range of designs and styles, from antique to modern, they also come in a range of sizes. The size that is increasing in popularity is the 4ft double bed.

The growth in popularity of the 4ft double bed goes against many other trends in the market place. People are getting larger and heavier. So the trend is for larger and larger furniture and beds.

However, at the same time as people grow in size, new build properties are getting ever more economical with their room sizes. What would have been considered a single room a generation ago, say a 10ft by 8ft room, is now described by builders as a double bedroom.

The 4ft small double bed makes a perfect fit for the small double bedroom. It can also be used as an occasional double bed for visitors, being far more comfortable than a sofa bed.

The bed shown above is a 4ft Serene Lyon Double Metal Bed is a good example of a classically designed small double bed. It is available for around £130 to £150.

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